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Studio Highlight: Dalton’s 10th Anniversary

For this studio highlight, we present the Dance Theatre of Dalton. Founded in 2005 in Dalton, GA, the studio  sought to provide a place where it could encourage and develop self-discipline through personal choices, creativity, and expression. As they prepared to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, the school wanted to find a way to commemorate the milestone. Check out their 10th Anniversary custom charm below:

Dalton101 DSC_0055


Talking to a Couple of Primas

When I was home for break, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two amazing women both of whom were teachers of mine during my dancing days. They both have also played instrumental roles in Incentives. Barbara Selvy founded the company in 1996, and Anina sketched our Tap Dancer, Lamb, and Chef charms. While we will get into more details about exactly what each of them did with Incentives a little bit later this month, I got to ask them some fun questions that I think you guys would enjoy.

Anina Basile-Harris.                                                                         Barbara Selvy

Anina               Barbara

As a dancer, how did you prepare for a performance? Were there any routines or rituals that you had to do to get into the right mindset for a show?

B: Not really. Dance has progressed so much since I was young, you know? And ballet has become so refined, it’s beautiful. No, and as I grew, I was a little self taught too. I read books and took instruction everywhere that I could because it wasn’t available. But no, there wasn’t a special routine that I did.

A: Okay, so if I had a good rehearsal then I had to wear the same clothing. The same leotard, the same earrings, I would take everything home and wash it so that I could wear it again the next day. For the show, I would always take my father’s picture with me and put it in the corner of my dressing room. That was my lucky thing. Rituals, I took a bath every night and eating healthy. I had a lot of carbs and a lot of fluids. No gum! But that’s it.

Was there anything that you absolutely had to have in your dance bag? Any good luck charms?

B: There was something, that you know, I had to have. It was something that some boy had given me in the 8th grade. But it was the Virgin Mary. It had some lacing around it. I took it everywhere. I took it to the Miss America pageant.

A: Absolutely! Second skin, toe pads, tape, deodorant, make up, but those are for everybody the same thing. Second skin was my thing, I had terrible toes. And then the picture of my father was my luck.

How important is it for you to stay active even now that you’ve retired?

B: I think having a past as a dancer really requires that you do something. I do yoga and pilates and I’m almost 80 years old, almost every day. And I have a yoga routine that I do every day or as soon as my feet hit the floor. It’s extremely important to do something, not necessarily ballet but just dance and staying active.

A: I teach Zumba, and I love it. I’m working to put together a Zumba program for kids with special needs that I’m really excited about. They come into my classes now and crash sometimes. Other than that, I workout a lot. I love taking care of my body. The Artistic Director use to say, “Other people go to the gym and do hundreds of crunches, and push ups, but we…we dance.” But I love going to the gym and doing crunches, push ups, sit ups, and then teaching Zumba. I love testing my body.

What was your favorite role as a dancer?

A: You know, when you choose a favorite there are so many things involved for me. You have to think about what you wanted to be as a little one that you always wanted to do. Then it involves the music and what inspires you. For me, it was the Hunchback of Notre Dame and doing Esmerelda. That was one that I always wanted to do. And I enjoyed it very much. I loved Sleeping Beauty too, but I think my favorite is still Esmerelda. I loved the story behind it. And it allowed me to act. I loved to act. I believed that I was her. And it allows you to do different styles. You start with a long skirt, you finish with a tutu. I loved it.