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What’s in My Bag: Younger Children Edition

Preparing for class for a younger child tends to be much easier than preparations for their older counter parts. I’ve assisted in a number of classes for students 6 years of age and under. Here is what I have found to be necessities for your younger dancer!

Not surprisingly, a dance bag is absolutely necessary to hold the items for your young dancers. Any tote bag will do and many studios even offer their own totes with logos included. I used a Vera Bradley tote bag for ages.

Tote Bag

Shoes depend on the age. There are a few studios that will let you get away with socks while your child is in a rapid state of growth. Many studios will even conveniently have shoes in office for you to purchase there.

This is completely up to parents. At a young age, many of my students have had issues leaving Mom or Dad for 45 minutes. Keeping a stuffed animal often will help to ease their anxiety, and as a bonus sometimes teachers will even let the stufties watch your tiny dancers. I had Hoppity to watch me from my dance bag!

Hoppity the Pink Bunny Rabbit - MWMT Ty Beanie Babies


Most teachers will have the students take water breaks. This is just a more convenient alternative.

thermos foogo straw bottle

Foogo Water Bottle

Skirt, short, and legwarmers are completely optional. They’ll just make your dancer look even cuter. Some teachers will opt not to let young dancers wear them as they may become a distraction. Check with your studio first.

Basic Georgette Mock Wrap Skirt for Girls

Wrap Skirt

Hair is always falling out of a bun and ponytail, and you don’t want your child distracted. Extra hair ties will ensure that hair is always up and out of the face.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Ombre Seamless Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Hope that was helpful! Have fun packing your little one’s dance bag!


Preparing for Nutcracker Auditions

Christmas is a good three months away; and yet, for those of us with the pleasure of bringing The Nutcracker to life for audiences around the globe preparation begins now. Our studio is having auditions this weekend and as another audition looms over us let’s remember what is necessary to bring to your audition.

1. All necessary paperwork. My mother is an angel for so many reasons. But especially for the number of times that she had to run home and back to the studio so that I would have time to warm up and have all of my paperwork. Check to make sure that you fill out everything that you need to. Be at the studio at least half an hour early to register and warm up. And check for any audition and/or performance fees so that you can have a check ready.

2. All necessary dance wear. You may be able to wear any leotard with cutoff tights and skirt/shorts in class, but you want to look professional for an audition especially if you’re auditioning at a studio that is not your own. Professionalism is key. And even if it’s not your studio, represent yourself and your studio well. You want everyone to know that you got the part because of your dancing, not because the directors know you already and are giving you special treatment. Check to make sure that you have your dance shoes before leaving the house! For some reason, my ballet shoes had a pesky way of getting lost exactly when I needed them.

3. A snack. Some studios will have rehearsals right after you are cast. If you may be at the studio all day then make sure that you will have energy all day. Don’t get the part because of the energy that you bring and then lose that energy halfway through the day.

4. An open mind. Auditions are hard. You have a room full of dancers all vying for their dream part. If you don’t get the part that you want do not  be discouraged. Be positive! What can you bring to another role? Can the role that you get be a stepping stone to the part that you wanted for next year? Be the best that you can, get your instructors attention so that they remember you for future roles. Furthermore, didn’t get your dream part. Watch the girl who did? Show that you want to be involved! Learn the part, watch her. What did she bring the table that you didn’t? Learn from the experience and incorporate that into your style so that you may get the part next time.

Remember, some parts are ‘made’ for certain dancers. Maybe there are more turns needed for the part and you may be more of a balance-type of dancer. Know your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage.

5. A fun attitude. Smile. Have fun. If you’re having fun then your audition panel will notice. If you’re being noticed then you’re halfway there.


We want to fundraise with your studio

Here at Nutcracker Jewelry, we understand how important it is for our children to have an outlet where they can express themselves. They need to be creative and imaginative, and our dance studios provide a safe place for them to do just that. What can they bring to a character that no one else can? How do they interpret the emotions and motivations behind different parts? Or do they just love to get up on stage, to feel the lights upon their faces, and to dance? Either way, one thing that the arts are lacking is the money that they need to keep going and to allow our children that safe space that is so essential for them.

At Nutcracker Jewelry, we offer charms to dance companies at wholesale prices. The studios can then determine a price that they find appropriate and keep the profits as a fundraiser. Our most successful companies have been able to bring in thousands of dollars in profit from their sales. If this is something that you think that your school would be interested in be sure to visit our website and to apply for membership as a wholesale customer:

The Site

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Back to School: Start out Your Dance Year on the Right Foot

It’s always important to start off the dance year correctly. Here are some of the essentials that we keep in our dance bag.


I have always used either a Diaper bag or Swimming bag as my dance bag. Diaper bags are super durable so that they can hold up to wear and tear. Swim bags usually have super convenient separate compartments for wet swimwear. I used that section for my smelly dance shoes to keep them away from everything else.


I always went to dance after school, so it was super important to have an extra leotard and tights in my bag just in case I forgot to pack a change of clothes.


Old mint tins are super convenient for carrying bobby pins, studs (if you’re able to wear jewelry), and even some extra band-aids in case your feet are acting up.


Again, coming from school, it is very important to fuel up before a long evening of classes. These are some of my favorite snack bars. They’re vegan and pack a huge punch of energy. I’m obsessed!


Water to stay hydrated!


Deodorant, just to make sure that you stay fresh!

And finally, make sure that you have all your new pairs of dance shoes!

Have a great year!