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Halloween and Dance Class

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have ballet class next Friday then you may think that Halloween will go uncelebrated. Fear not! Growing up, my ballet was not extremely strict that we had a dress code. He insisted that we wear tights and a leotard rather than biker shorts or anything that has become popular to wear to dance, but we didn’t have to wear specific styles or anything. And so, the ten girls in my dance level decided to begin a tradition of dressing for every holiday in coordinated tights and leotards. We would begin the class in our trash bag pants and knitted overalls. We would wear our hair in the traditional buns so that nothing seemed amiss and by the end of bar, we would reveal our costumes. If you would like to carry on the tradition at your studio then here are a few of my suggestions for this Halloween:

Orange tights:

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Halloween-themed tights


black leotard, and optional witch hat. As I stated above, we would always wear coverups and then reveal our outfits by the end of barre. At this point our teacher would laugh until he cried and demand that we take a picture, but if you choose to wear the witch hat then it may give it away…Happy Halloween! Send us pictures of how you decide to dress for dance class.



Fall in Love with the Fall Season!

It is my favorite time of the year! Fall is among us! The temperatures are getting chilly, the leaves are changing colors, and the smell of Vanilla Pumpkin fill the air of my home. Along with the quintessential signs of fall, you will see numerous fall in love with ___ all around town. Let’s take a look at the most popular Fall, ballet performances.



My favorite ballet is composed of two vastly different acts. While, I would say that the first act seems more like a spring performance with it’s pastel colors and happy music, the second act is dark and more sinister. The ballet revolves around love, betrayal, and eventually forgiveness.


Swan Lake

This is the ballet that I’m most excited to see this season. Swan Lake is composed of three acts. Similar to Giselle, Swan Lake includes love, betrayal, and tragedy.

Fall ballets tend to end a bit more tragically than their spring counterparts (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc.). Perhaps it’s because the Fall is the beginning of the end of the year. These ballets represent the beginning of the end.

For Giselle, it is the beginning and end of a love story, the beginning of the end of Giselle’s life, and finally the beginning of the end of her relationship with Albrecht. For Odette, it is the beginning and end of her love story too. It is the beginning of the end of her life as well as Siegfried’s.