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Our Performance Good Luck Charms

Every dancer has their own routine around show time and with recital just around the corner, we thought that it would be fun to revisit our dancing days. Now, most studios have strict rules enforced around showtime. These rules usually include no jewelry, no nail polish, no wild hair, etc. However, if you’re as sneaky as we were then you just may get away with a good luck charm to get you through.

For the rebels: “I had a silver anklet that I wore under my tights and then wrapped my pointe shoe ribbons over. If my teacher had paid more attention then I would have gotten in more trouble, but he didn’t. I wore it for years.”

For the rule-benders: “We were allowed to wear rhinestones in performances, so I made sure that I had the most ornate rhinestones that I could find. They had one stone in the middle and then tons of rhinestones surrounding it. Just make sure you don’t wear anything real. I had rhinestones ripped out on stage, and I would hated to lose anything real.”

“My studio let us wear clear nail polish. I just wore clear-ish, natural colored nail polish. Everything else is glamorous when it comes to show time, so I felt more done up when my nails were painted too.”

For the rule abiders: “I don’t think that this really counts as a good luck charm, but I had the same leotard that I wore for every dress rehearsal. Literally, every single dress rehearsal that I had until I graduated. If I didn’t rehearse in it then everything felt off.”

“I carried a prayer card in my dance bag from my first boyfriend. It was kind of silly, but once I started praying it before my shows, I couldn’t stop.”

What are your good luck charms or routines before a performance?


Dancer’s Corner: Things to Eat Before a Show

With recital coming up, we thought that it would be a good idea to talk a little about what we used to eat around showtime to fuel up and to make sure that you are going to have your best possible run.

I will tell you right now, I am a planner and a creature of habit. I never ate anything before a show that I hadn’t tried eating already to ensure that I woudn’t be bloated or feel heavy before a show. Everyone’s body is different, so please do not copy this the day of your show because you don’t know how this will make you feel. Try dishes before class or rehearsals to make sure that you’re still at your best for the big show.

The Night Before:

A meal rich in protein is best for the night before. The protein burns slower than the carbohydrates will and result in longer lasting energy. I love to eat steamed salmon, and broccoli/asparagus. If I’m still hungry then a side of quinoa or brown rice gives that extra kick.

The Morning Of:

If you are a coffee drinker then now is the time to go for that. I didn’t drink coffee at all in high school, so I was a big fan of green tea in the mornings. Coffee always made me have to go to the bathroom during class, and I hated the way it made my breath smell.

Foodwise, know your body. Sometimes I was all about the smoothies. Other times I was all about the cereal. You should eat something with carbs to ensure that you have more than enough energy to get through class and rehearsal.

Right Before:

There were some dancers who would go  to Subway and eat an entire sandwich before the show. I was not one of these girls. Eating on the day of a show was pretty light which is why I think that your carbs are going to be extremely important. We used to make a trail mix that we would munch on between rehearsals and naps. Stay tuned to find the recipe next week!

I have a love affair with water, so that was my drink of choice every day. Many dancers will take the day of a show to drink their drinks heavy in electrolytes.

Good luck! We hope your shows go great!